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Why GastroTerra Matters

Simply put, we're building the world's largest and most diverse community of professionals who are passionate about food and beverage tourism. If you're reading this right now, this probably includes you!

The GastroTerra Food Travel Trade Network is brought to you by the World Food Travel Association, the world's leading authority on food and beverage tourism. You're in good hands!

Who is GastroTerra for?

In a word: everyone! GastroTerra is a community built for trade professionals that include governments, destination marketers, tour/travel agencies, tour operators, tourist guides, restaurants/catering/cooking schools, hospitality, academics/researchers, service providers, consultants and really, any other business, destination or organization related to food & beverage tourism. If you're passionate about food and beverage tourism, GastroTerra is for you! Consumers are welcome to join but GastroTerra is oriented towards industry professionals.

Our Mission

We work to preserve and promote culinary cultures through hospitality and tourism.

If you believe in our mission, join GastroTerra today.


UNMATCHED NETWORKING. Connect directly with other food, beverage, tourism, hospitality and media professionals faster and more easily than ever before on any other platform!

GET ANSWERS. Need help with something? Looking for inspiration? Ask the community and get an answer fast!

UNIQUE CONTENT. From our monthly Town Hall meetings to industry-specific discussion topics, we bring you knowledge that you simply can't find online

FASTER NEWS. Get food tourism industry news faster - we post industry news to GastroTerra before anywhere else, even our social media channels

TIMELY ALERTS. Essential, mission critical industry news (only) is broadcast to all network members as it happens

STAY ORGANIZED. Keep all your food tourism knowledge, communications & articles in one place

100% SECURE. We don't harvest your data like the big guys. In fact, we don't even need to because GastroTerra is 100% free of advertising!


Free Membership Includes 

Join today and enjoy the following benefits immediately:

Private Food & Beverage Travel Trade Community

Detailed Member Profile

Searchable Member Directory

Member to Member Private Messaging

Special Interest Groups

Industry Discussion Topics

Food & Beverage Travel Trade Event Calendar

World Food Travel Association Brand Value

Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

Oh, and no advertising!

Or Join as a Premium Member

For a small annual fee less than US$120/year (US$10 per month), you can enjoy everything above, plus these additional Premium Member benefits!

All the free level benefits above, plus:
Digital Premium Member Badge

Attend Live Monthly Town Hall Meetings with Industry Expert Guests (& Recording Library Access) - unique perspectives & insights

Access Market Research Summaries - hard to find information

Join Private Area Chapters - private networking with people in your area

Join Additional Private Interest Groups - private networking with small groups

Join Private Media Lounge - private networking with qualified media

Join Premium Member Lounge - private networking with other premium members

Share News & Updates (every 30 days/group) - publicity for your business or destination

Ambassador Eligibility - no cost upgrade to represent your area (training required)

Plus: Additional exclusive opportunities only for premium members 

Quick Tip to Save Money: If you are buying premium membership on an iPhone or iPad, we recommend that you buy it on a laptop or desktop computer instead. All plans sold on iOS devices incur a 30% surcharge to cover the Apple store commission. Ouch! Buy directly through your web browser and save the hefty Apple fees!

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